Timber-02We urge you to read through our comments on Timber, this, we hope, should reassure you of the integrity of the materials used in the production of your new window; however, there are occasions and locations where having a choice in the wooden elements of your window are a good thing...


In certain extremely exposed and inclement areas of the British Isles, wind and rain will relentlessly attack the entire frontage of the window. Generally, the sashes cope with this well as their method of hanging allows them to 'drip dry', however, the outer linings (the bits between the sashes and the brick-work) do not have this facility and can, over time, degrade and rot. We have strengthened the critical point – the connection where the cill, pulley stile and lining coincide – with an oak run-away fillet, yet still this might not be enough in certain circumstances. We offer 'Outer Armouring' of the outer shell of your frame by specifying the entire exterior face in durable oak: this can be selected as a standard upgrade in the Price Calculator.


Although not common, box frames can be made of virtually any durable timber species – a good example of this would be the William and Mary Wing of Hampton Court Palace where beautifully tall sash windows were made from solid oak. We would be happy to research any scheme you can envisage and we will provide you with a price accordingly.

TimberWe would mention that, more than any other window form; the boxed frame is a 'holistic' structure, i.e. a change in one element will conceivably require a change in one or more of the other elements. The main concern will be weight: we have already increased the weight of the sashes by incorporating a second pane of glass in each, specifying hardwood sashes will increase the weight again. Sash ropes might need to be replaced by chains, pulleys might need upgrading and timber sections and joinery might need to be modified to achieve this new arrangement. These situations are not insuperable, we have encountered many projects where a customised approach is required, although it goes without saying that a higher cost must be expected for this level of 'bespokery'.

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